Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Ginger Bread Structure Adventure

We have been studying structures in science so, today we made some Christmas structures. The students in 3B worked in groups to create a gingerbread house structure. We used a package that came with everything we needed. This made the process so simple! The students had fun and they were able to connect what we had learned in science to the houses. They realized how important it was to have strong materials and fasteners as the icing didn't always seem to work the best as a fastener. Tomorrow, we will be destructing our gingerbread houses and eating them! I will take some during the destructing phase. Here they are before destruction:

Ms. Bettess

Welcome to 3B


This is my first foray into public blogging. My students have used kid blog for a few years but, I have never had my own  blog.  In our classroom, 3B (Grade 3), we are the 3B Bees. We created "bee"liefs at the start of the year instead of class rules. Our "bee"liefs are: 1. bee friendly 2. bee respectful and 3. bee courteous. Our school uses the virtues program so we used our virtues in our beliefs. We have a class set of netbooks and we have fun integrating technology into our classroom. I will be posting our adventures on here as well as how we are using technology to save paper!