Sunday, 24 February 2013

Tech Exploration Time Continues in 3B-Tweeting!

On Thursday, we saw pictures that another teacher at school took while traveling. We viewed photos from Costa Rica, Italy, and Switzerland. The students back channeled so that they could use the information for their research projects. We learned from our librarian how to take jot notes so that helped us with making short back channeling messages.

On Friday, we looked at my sister's pictures on We, also, started connecting with our FaceTime book buddies through our class twitter account. This class account is run through my email and I will be the one writing our thoughts. I will share our tweets that we receive to the students. We are going to connect with a few classes from around the world to ask and get answers to our questions for our country research projects.

In math, we are moving onto numbers to 1000 now that we are adding and subtracting whizzes!

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