Sunday, 14 April 2013

Technology Use in 3B


As part of our student led conference I'd appreciate if the parents of 3B could please complete the survey below. Also, please check out our google presentation on using technology in 3B.  Thank you!


Why We Connect in 3B

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Crazy Week

We had a crazy week with being locked in our classroom but, 3B was awesome and thankfully it didn't last long. A new door will be delivered on Monday. There was a lot of learning though. 3B learned how to write acrostic and cinquain poems. Mrs. McMahon-Muth came into start our unit on persuasive writing and then got locked in with us.  In math, we practiced place value and learned about ordering numbers from greatest to lowest. Next week, we will practice place value and work on skip counting. In science we learned about magnets and magnetic attraction.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Welcome to April

It is supposedly Spring now but, I am not so sure of that. April is going to be a busy month so we'll have lots to keep our minds off of the cold weather. We will be starting literature circles next week. The interesting thing is we will be doing them with another class all the way in Alberta. We'll be discuss our books with them through blogging and Skyping. Tomorrow, we will be starting a writing unit on persuasive writing connected to our mini-unit on The Lorax (in the middle of the month). In math, we are learning about numbers to 10000. In science, we have started exploring forces that attract or repel.