Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Showing of Our Tech Skills

Today, I was running a Tech PD at Westwood while 3B had a substitute. I presented on blogging in the classroom and I had some students help me to present to some other teachers in our district. Our 3B bloggers were a hit. The teachers were impressed with all of the amazing blogs 3B have created and all of the connections we have made. They thought 3B learners were awesome. The presenters did an amazing job! Then in the afternoon some of the teachers in the PD came to watch us Skype with different classes (one was even from Venezuela). They were impressed with our connections and the students skills at back channeling (recording online what they learned). Way to go 3B!

Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Busy Bees and Their Amazing Connections

3B loves connecting with and collaborating with other classes and this week we are starting a collaborative research project. I connected with a teacher on Twitter who teaches grade 4 in Alberta. They happened to be studying plants like we are so we decided to have our classes research different plant topics and share their information in a google document. They will then work with their partner (through the Internet) to create a presentation to share with their classmates. All of the creating of the project will be done with their Alberta partner through the Internet. 3B are quite excited by this.

In Social Studies, we are learning about Vikings. We are currently doing measurement in Math. In Language Arts, each student is reading a historical fiction book and working on comprehension activities which are all on our blogs.

Check back later to learn how our plant projects are going.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Busy Bees in 3B

The bees have been buzzing in 3B. The students have been so busy learning and creating some amazing work and art. We had our artist in the school a few weeks ago and they made some awesome jewelry. 

In Language Arts, we just finished up our persuasive writing unit. We blogged our pieces so be sure to check them out. Mr. Wamboldt and some grade 5 students came into help us turn our topics into movies using iMovies. The groups created excellent videos. I am hoping to get them onto kidblog soon. We are now starting a historical fiction reading and writing unit to connect with our upcoming Social Studies unit on Vikings. Be sure to ask your child how you can tell if a book or writing piece is historical fiction. 

In Math, we just finished up with multiplication and division so check out our great multiplication videos on kidblog. We will be coming back to multiplication and division when doing problem solving. 3B just started our measurement unit with a look at using non-standard units for measuring things and are exploring calendars. We will soon learn about measuring length and perimeter. We will be creating a plant garden using this knowledge.

In Science we are finishing up our Forces That Attract or Repel unit before moving onto our Plants and Soil unit. This unit will be quite a fun experience as we will be studying plants and learning about them at the same time with a class in Alberta.

Be sure to check what we have been up to in 3B by exploring our kidblog and Twitter page.