Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Buzzing in 3B

We've been busy in 3B. The students wrote their first few blogs. Please check them out at kidblog.org/msbettess and feel free to comment. We love getting comments on our blogs. Yesterday, we took our knowledge of bees and started creating bee books on the iPads. Hopefully we can share them soon.

In math, we have been reviewing and doing some assessments for the Grade 3 Provincial Assessment.
You can find out more about the provincial assessment here

Tomorrow and Thursday we have our Strong Beginnings test. This allows me to know what levels your child is at and how to best teach them.

We've started tweeting what we've learned as well as connecting with other students around Canada. You can check out our Tweets under @3BBees as we'd love to see 3B parents checking up on what we are learning. I have, also, started to post pictures of our work on Instagram with our account of 3BBees. Soon we will start using Instagram as a class to connect with classes around the world.

Have a great week!

Thursday, 12 September 2013

One Week In

We have been busy bees getting used to routines in our 3B community. 3B has been having learning about bees since we are busy bees ourselves. We have being showing our knowledge of using tally marks in math. In Social Studies, we have been discussing communities and citizens and our rights and responsibilities and citizens in the 3B community. Tomorrow, we have the Terry Fox walk. We are starting preparations for Dot Day on Monday. Be sure to ask your child about Dot Day.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Welcome to Grade 3 2013-2014


Welcome to our 3B classroom website for the 2013-2014 school year. This website will be used to update parents on what we are doing in our classroom. I enjoy integrating technology into our lessons so we will connect with you and the world in many ways using our class netbooks and iPads. As you should have seen already in the letter I sent home, we will be using Twitter and Instagram in the classroom. A letter has always gone home explaining how we will use these social media tools in the classroom.

In math will be starting the year learning about various types of data collecting and reviewing adding and subtracting. In Language Arts will be learning about bees. 3B will be learning about what it means to be Canadian for our social studies unit.

I am looking forward to a good year in 3B!

Ms. Bettess