Saturday, 8 February 2014

Olympic Fever

We've been hit by the Olympic Fever in 3B and it is running high! We have started our Olympic unit in Language Arts and the our Canadian Olympians continue to be amazing with their connecting with us. We started looking at their pictures on Instagram. We have been amazed by the photos of the life in Sochi. We've seen pictures of; the outside of their residences, the Olympic Rings, venues of the sports they are competing in, their equipment, the Olympic Village, and the Opening Ceremonies. Some of the athletes have even answered our questions that we posted on their pictures. We have learned a lot from them. One athlete even tweeted us during the ceremonies. Speaking of the Opening Ceremonies, we had a fun time watching some of them live. The cheering as Canada entered was quiet loud but well deserved! The looks of amazement the students had  as they saw the dances and artistic acts were so cute! Our Olympic unit and hopefully our connections will continue for the duration of the  Olympics. Look out for blogs from the students soon.

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